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15 Jul 2004 Using Borland C++ BuilderX 1.5 On Linux
This paper shows how to install Borland C++ BuilderX 1.5 Mobile Edition, a Windows hosted product, on Linux and how to take advantage of additional toolsets in an IDE that targets only mobile development.
Daniel Horn Contributed Article
7 Aug 2003 Codeville Chronicles 001 by J.D. Hildebrand
I read the news today, oh boy...LinuxWorld and SCO's assault on Linux
J.D. Hildebrand Contributed Article
22 Apr 2003 Patch: glibc update for Kylix 3 C++ package loading
A patch now available for glibc 2.2.x will resolve package loading issues for Kylix 3 C++ edition.
John Kaster Article
5 Mar 2003 Cross-platform project conversion tool for C++Builder and Kylix
A new utility is available for cross-platform C++ development with Borland IDEs
John Kaster Article
4 Feb 2003 Problems with Programming Qt from Kylix 3 C++ Applications
Kylix 3 (C++) provides access to Qt in a way that is not cross-platform friendly. Here we look at how to overcome this
Brian Long Contributed Article
3 Feb 2003 Problems Printing from C++Builder 6 CLX Applications
C++Builder 6 has no printing support in CLX applications. This article shows how to fix it.
Brian Long Contributed Article
31 Jan 2003 Problems with Programming Qt from C++Builder 6 CLX Applications
It is not possible to use the routines declared in the Qt.hpp header file (the CLXDisplay API) without generating a Stack Overflow. This article looks at why this is and how it can be prevented.
Brian Long Contributed Article
16 Oct 2002 Free C++ for Linux technical seminar
Join Borland and IBM for a FREE one-day technical seminar customized for software professionals who are interested in leveraging the power of C++ on Linux
John Kaster Article
27 Sep 2002 Cross-platform Development with Borland RAD Tools
A Borland white paper on native cross-platform development with Borland's RAD tools
John Kaster Article
10 Sep 2002 Kylix 3 gets 5 stars from LinuxPlanet
Two Kylix 3 reviews
Anders Ohlsson Article
25 Jul 2002 What's new in Kylix 3
See a detailed list of some of the new features of Kylix 3
John Kaster Article
23 Jul 2002 Kylix 3 Press Coverage
A short list of links in the press and discussion forums regarding Kylix 3
John Kaster Article
23 Jul 2002 Press Release: Borland Breaks New Ground with C++Technology for Linux®
Kylix 3 delivers the first C/C++ and Borland Delphi integrated rapid application development solution for creating database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications for the Linux® operating system
John Kaster Article
8 Feb 2002 Travel report from LinuxWorld 2002
DevRel went to NYC to celebrate the one year anniversary of Kylix!
Anders Ohlsson Article
28 Jan 2002 Calling willing Linux gurus
Come see Borland Developer Relations and some of your other Borland friends at this year's LinuxWorld in New York City
Anders Ohlsson Article
9 Jan 2002 More marketing
Two snapshots of two ads
Anders Ohlsson Article
8 Jan 2002 Save $100 - LinuxWorld
I got this non-personal email offer, so I'm sharing the wealth. Enjoy!
Anders Ohlsson Article
9 Apr 2001 LinuxPlanet review of Kylix Server Developer and Desktop Developer
An extract: Kylix comes in a thick box which, unlike a lot of software these days, isn't just full of air to consume retail shelf space and make life hard on shoplifters ...
John Kaster Article
9 Apr 2001 ZDNet: Linux gains corporate respectability
Royal Dutch/Shell Group Amerada Hess Corp., and Home Depot have all adopted Linux. Find out how they're using it in this article.
John Kaster Article
9 Feb 2001 John K's LinuxWorld report
Links to press articles and other information on Kylix and JBuilder's support for Linux
John Kaster Article

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