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18 Jan 2011 REST Servers in Delphi XE Using DataSnap
Delphi Expert Marco Cantù shows you how to build REST servers using DataSnap
Calvin Tang White Paper
7 Dec 2010 White Paper: J Optimizer 2009 with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) Projects
J Optimizer runs independently in its own environment and will work with your Java project created and/or running in a different Java environment.
Calvin Tang White Paper
2 Nov 2010 White Paper: Using RadPHP XE with Existing PHP Applications
Create a project based on an existing PHP application and how you can run and debug that application using RadPHP XE
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
5 Apr 2010 Rapid database application development with Firebird, Delphi, and Embarcadero Change Manager
White paper from Daniel Magin at
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
8 Feb 2010 White Paper: Developing for Mono with Delphi Prism
Create applications with Delphi Prism and target Mac OS X and Linux
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
3 Feb 2010 White Paper - Delphi 2010 DataSnap: Your data - where you want it, how you want it
Build DataSnap servers and clients on Windows and learn how to use filters, callbacks and build Web targets
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
24 Aug 2009 Faster SQL Profiling for Better Database Performance
This paper discusses how DB Optimizer helps you profile your databases to find problematic SQL statements faster and easier
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
19 Aug 2009 Performance Optimization: Extending the IT Infrastructure
Optimizing System Performance Using Prevent, Find, and Fix Methodologies
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
26 May 2009 White Paper: Embarcadero® J Optimizer™ Tutorial
This white paper tutorial covers the new Embarcadero® J Optimizer™. The tutorial shows the Profiler, Code Coverage and Thread Debugger.
David Intersimone White Paper
19 May 2009 Faster Application Development via Improved Database Change Management
Integrating Database Change Management with Software Development to Reduce Errors, Re-Work, and Testing Efforts
Nadine Pyter White Paper
1 May 2009 White Paper: Everything PHP Developers Need to Be Productive
Introducing Delphi for PHP 2.0
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
24 Feb 2009 White Paper: Reasons to Migrate from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2009
This article gives a few good reasons to migrate, along with an overview of all the new features added to Delphi since version 7.
Andreano Lanusse White Paper
19 Feb 2009 Working Collaboratively with EA/Studio
A white paper on team-based best practices using EA/Studio
Gregory Keller White Paper
19 Feb 2009 Using Change Manager in a Sybase Shop
A white paper on Change Manager's use against Sybase ASE
Gregory Keller White Paper
18 Feb 2009 Tapping the ER/Repo Reservoir to Get the Metadata You Want
Power user SQL Querying of the ER/Repo
Gregory Keller White Paper
18 Feb 2009 Data Design Analysis
Jason Tiret's paper on designing and standardizing database designs
Gregory Keller White Paper
18 Feb 2009 ER/Portal's Role Based Benefits
Using Portal in various job roles is beneficial.
Gregory Keller White Paper
28 Jan 2009 White Paper: The New DataSnap in Delphi 2009
Building multi-tier applications without using a COM interface
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
21 Jan 2009 White Paper: Building User Interfaces with Delphi 2009
An Improved Visual Component Library Streamlines Modern Windows Application Development
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
15 Dec 2008 White Paper: A Tour of Delphi 2009
Learn about the IDE features of Delphi 2009 and CodeGear RAD Studio 2009
Tim DelChiaro White Paper

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