How do I display a bitmap image in Builder?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Basics: Using TBitmap with TImage

How do I display a bitmap image in Builder?

Basics: Using TBitmap with TImage

Display a bitmap image at runtime is easy.  The following code will display
a TBitmap on a TImage using the Canvas of the TBitmap:

To compile the example, follow these steps:
 1.  File  |  Close All
 2.  File  |  New Application
 3.  Place a TImage on the Form
 4.  Go to the Object Inspector and change its Align Property to alClient
 5.  Drop a TOpenDialog on the form
 6.  Place a TButton on the form and double-click on it.
 7.  Now place the following code in the Button1Click event function:
 8.  Compile and run to see the TBitmap displayed!

   // It is necessary to specify Graphics::TBitmap found in <Graphics.hpp>
   Graphics::TBitmap* bm = new Graphics::TBitmap;

      // Opens a dialog and stores the selected filename

      // Loads the user selected file

      // Turns on image stretching
      Image1->Stretch = true;

      // Assigns the TBitmap to the TImage
      Image1->Picture->Graphic = bm;

      // Sent the TBitmap to the cavas to display
      Image1->Canvas->Draw(0, 0, bm);
        // Cleanup
        delete bm;

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