Adding or Updating Course Outlines

By: Higher Education

Abstract: Steps to add or update course outlines

New Submission:

1. Go to

2. Click on the 'Get Published link on the left navigation bar.

3. If you are not currently logged in to the site, you will then be redirected to a login page ( Please note, if you do not yet have an account here you may create one by clicking on the 'New User' button and filling out the questionaire. Once you're done, you will be redirected to the Get Published page (

4. Please fill out the form using the following guidelines:
TITLE: Two letter state abbreviation: and complete Institution Name.
For example: MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ABSTRACT: The course number: course name.
For example: CS1: Introduction to C++
TEXT: Your course outline in HTML format.
LANGUAGE: leave this set to english unless appropriate.
COMMUNITY MAPPING: Select the appropriate community and neighborhood (leave the street blank): e.g.
C++Builder or TurboSuite--C++/Higher Education
Delphi or Pascal--Delphi/Higher Education
JBuilder or Java--Java/Higher Education
VisiBroker--CORBA/Higher Education Click on the Community first, then Higher Education neighborhood, then click the Add button.

5. Submit your form by clicking on the submit button.

6. Download, print, fill out and return the Warranty of Originality and Assignment of Rights.

We will review your outline within 5 working days.

Edit Existing Submission: You can edit your outline(s) at any time by returning to the getpublished page,, and clicking on the "Edit Your Existing Articles" link at the top, above the form.

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