How to set character set in qli?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: set character set character-set-name is how you set the character set in QLI

Sub_type used in v3.3 for character set is no longer in version 4.0.  

Version 4.0 uses the SQL 92 standard syntax for character set and 

collation order.  If one tries to input foreign character without 

setting the character set, one would get error " cannot transliterate 

character between character set ".  The syntax to set character set to 

use in isql is "set names character-set-name;".  What's the equivalent 

in v4.0 qli?

The equivalent in v4.0 qli is " set character set character-set-name".  

Like "set names" in isql, it must be set before making the connection 

to the database.

Something like this:

(45)-> qli
Welcome to QLI
Query Language Interpreter
QLI>  set character set ISO8859_1
QLI> ready /tmp/test.gdb
QLI> store xy
Enter X: 1
Enter Y: Montr#al
QLI> commit
QLI> print xy

     X                Y
=========== ====================

          1 Montr#al   

Server Response from: ETNASC03