Automatic updates for QualityCentral reports

By: John Kaster

Abstract: We are getting ready to turn automatic updates on for QualityCentral from "RAID", our internal bug tracking system. If you get update notifications for QC, please read this notice

    Full synchronization for QualityCentral reports

A roll out of the bidirectional replication between Quality Central (QC) and "RAID" (Borland's Internal Bug Tracking System) is planned for Tuesday June 27th at 2:00 pm EDT.

This system will replicate data from RAID to QC and back. This means when a bug report that is linked between QC and RAID is closed in RAID, the QC instance of the report will be automatically updated within an hour. Also, if a report in QC that is linked to RAID its status changed (open to closed or closed to open) the RAID instance of the report will be automatically updated as well.

We intend to have these bidirectional updates running from now on. The status of reports will be updated every hour. This will eliminate the lag time between the status of a report in QC and the same report in RAID. This also means that the status of a report in QC may reflect changes that are not currently available in a public release, since reports are linked directly to the internal system used by our R&D and QA teams. In the near future, we will update the QC clients to make the availability status of a reported fix more obvious.

The first thing to be done on Tuesday is to sync up the RAID and QC databases. We estimate more than 10,000 changes will be made to the QC database. It is STRONGLY suggested that anyone who is using QC Area Email Notifications (digest or regular) unsubscribe from them so you don't get an enormous number of emails in your in-box. Once the initial sync up is done, it will be safe to subscribe back to the area notifications. There will be a posting in borland.public.bdn.qualitycentral when it is done.


The roll-out schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday June 27 2:00 pm EDT sync QC to Raid
  • Wednesday June 28 2:00 pm EDT sync Raid to QC
  • Sunday July 2, turn on the replicator to run hourly

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