CodeGear Developer Network (CDN) News - May 2007 - JBuilder Edition

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This is the monthly email newsletter for CDN members. This edition was sent this week to JBuilder and Java members who have their CDN News flag set in their profile.

CodeGear (from Borland) Developer Network (CDN) News is an email newsletter for members of the CodeGear Developer Network. Members receive this email newsletter if your CDN News flag is set in your member profile

    Vote in the JDJ 2007 Readers' Choice Awards

CodeGear and Borland products are nominated in JDJ's 2007 Readers' Choice Awards Voting Ballot. I encourage all JBuilder customers and CDN Java members to cast your votes. Reminder - Voting closes May 31, 2007.

The Readers Choice Awards Voting Site

To help you in your voting, here are the Codegear and Borland products that are nominated in the different ballot categories. Where multple CodeGear and Borland products are nominated, we recommend that you choose the product listed below.

  1. Best Book: (choose your favorite)
  2. Best Database Tool or Driver: InterBase - CodeGear/Borland
  3. Best Enterprise Database: JDataStore - Borland Software Corporation
  4. Best Java EE App Dev. Framework: CodeGear JBuilder - CodeGear
  5. Best Java Application: (choose your favorite)
  6. Best Java Application Monitoring Tool: (choose your favorite)
  7. Best Java Application Server (Free): (choose your favorite)
  8. Best Java Application Server (Commercial): Borland Enterprise Server - Borland Software
  9. Best Java Business Intelligence Tool: (choose your favorite)
  10. Best Java Class Library: (choose your favorite)
  11. Best Java Component: (choose your favorite)
  12. Best Java Data Access Tool: (choose your favorite)
  13. Best Java Debugging Tool: JBuilder 2007 - CodeGear (note - also nominated for JBuilder - CodeGear/Borland)
  14. Best Java Modeling Tool: Together 2006 - Borland
  15. Best Java IDE Environment: Borland JBuilder - Borland Software
  16. Best Java Messaging Tool: (choose your favorite)
  17. Best Java Persistence Architecture: (choose your favorite)
  18. Best Java Profiling / Testing Tool: JBuilder (OptimizeIt) - CodeGear/Borland (note - also nominated for JBuilder OptimizeIt - CodeGear)
  19. Best Java Reporting Tool: (choose your favorite)
  20. Best Java Rich Client Platform: (choose your favorite)
  21. Best Java Virtual Machine: (choose your favorite)
  22. Best Java Web Service Toolkit: JBuilder 2007 - CodeGear/Borland
  23. Best Team Development Tool: JBuilder (TeamInsight) - CodeGear/Borland (note - also nominated for JBuilder TeamInsight - CodeGear and Borland StarTeam - Borland Software)
  24. Most Innovative Java Product: JBuilder 2007 - CodeGear (note - also nominated for JBuilder - CodeGear/Borland)
  25. Best Java Technical Article: (choose your favorite)
  26. Best Java Enterprise Service Bus: (choose your favorite)
  27. Best Java Open Source Product: (choose your favorite)
  28. Best Tool for Rich Internet Applications: JBuilder 2007 - CodeGear/Borland
  29. Best Java Project Build Tool: JBuilder 2007 (TeamInsight) - CodeGear/Borland

Note from JDJ web site about the voting: As part of our 2007 Readers' Choice Awards Voting Process - the votes of ACTIVE subscribers, of JDJ will qualify as 2 points in our voting tally. New subscribers votes will count as 1 point. Subscription records are verified as of the start of voting. Voting continues through midnight, MAY 31, 2007.

    CodeGear™ Announces New Developer-focused Release of Award-winning JBuilder® 2007 Integrated Development Environment

CodeGear announces a new release of its JBuilder® 2007 product portfolio. The new release includes new developer features and pricing with expanded platform support for Microsoft Windows® and Vista™ as well as Mac OS® X and RedHat® Linux®.

    JBuilder Team Members Blog Posts

    Watch the JBuilder 2007 videos

Watch (or download) the JBuilder R&D and QA team members present the features of JBuilder 2007. The CDN page (article) listed below contains more than 25 technical and demonstation videos that you can watch and download.

    Jim Douglas, CEO of CodeGear

The press release

Community Chat with Jim Douglas, CEO of CodeGear - The Replays - The chat (which took place on April 5th) replays and logs are available for download.

    InfoWorld: Reinvigorated Java IDEs change the development landscape

Andrew Binstock of InfoWorld reviews JBuilder 2007 and other Java IDEs in this article. JBuilder topped IBM and Sun in this comparative review.
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