3rdRail 1.1 Release Notes

By: Mark Deckert

Abstract: Updated Release Notes

    3rdRail™ Release Notes

These notes apply to the 3rdRail 1.1 Release.

For updates to these notes, see https://dn.codegear.com/article/37645.

    Post Installation Instructions

    Confirm the Installation

To confirm a good installation from the command prompt or the shell:

  1. Run ruby -v. This should return: Ruby version 1.8.5 or higher.
  2. Run rails -v. This should return: Rails version 1.2 or higher.

    Configure the Ruby Interpreter

After installing and launching 3rdRail you will need to specify a “workspace”, which is a container directory for your projects. You can create new workspaces and switch workspaces from within 3rdRail. For every new workspace you will need to specify a Ruby interpreter.

From the IDE to configure the Ruby interpreter:

  1. Select Window->Preferences->Ruby->Interpreters.
  2. Either try the Search... button or Add and browse for the ruby executable file in the Ruby installation directory.
  3. Once the installed Ruby interpreter is shown in the Ruby Interpreters list, ensure its checkbox is checked and click OK.

Note: Selection lists for gem install and script/plugin install may be slow during their initial use.

    New Features in this Version

In this release, we have continued to add support for new Rails 2.0 features. For more information see the "What's New" Help topic.

    Product Updates

The 3rdRail team expects to update the product regularly. See the 3rdRail Product roadmap at https://dn.codegear.com/ruby for details. You can check for updates using the Update Manager, found under the Help menu.

    Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs and make suggestions for improvements to 3rdRail via Quality Central at https://qc.codegear.com.

    Known Issues

These issues may affect your projects:

ID Number Summary
3551 Parameter completion on dvar inside form_for does not present model fields.
3952 If you want to use svn:externals, please install the standard subversion client.
3709 Intermittent long pauses when editing Ruby files under Linux Ubuntu and Ruby 1.8.5. Upgrading to Ruby 1.8.6 with i686 ISA alleviates this problem.
4855 The "Stop the Server" button fails to stop the WEBrick web server on Mac OS X 10.5 and Ubuntu 7.10. The workaround is to use the Mongrel web server.
4856 Running a server using Run in Mozilla on Ubuntu 7.10 does not show an embedded browser. Workaround: run `sudo apt-get install libstdc++5`.
4980 Gem installation fails on Mac OS X if prerequisites are not met. Workaround: Install XCode.
5083 Interbase is incorrectly configured for Rails 2 projects. Workaround:
  • Confirm that version 0.3.0 or higher of the "activerecord-interbase-adapter" gem is installed, by running `gem list --local activerecord-interbase-adapter`
  • If not,
    • Run `gem uninstall activerecord-interbase-adapter`
    • Run `gem install activerecord-interbase-adapter`
    • Confirm that version 0.3.0 or higher was installed
5134 Add column to table does not work with SQLite 3.13 and Mac OS X 10.4.11. Workaround:
  • Build latest sqlite3 library (3.5.6) from source:
    cd sqlite-3.5.6
    ./configure sudo make install
  • Reinstall gem:
    sudo gem uninstall sqlite3-ruby
    sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby
5207 The "Form Partial for Model" wizard may add the Partial to the wrong Controller in the case that there are two identically named controllers which are distinguished only by namespace differences.

    Enabling the Fast Debugger

A new debugger with significant speed improvements and support for Rails projects is now available. The following steps are necessary to enable this new debugger:


  1. Execute "gem install ruby-debug --include-dependencies"

Mac and Linux:

  1. Execute "sudo gem install ruby-debug --include-dependencies".

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