ZDNET TechRepublic articles about 3rdRail and Delphi for PHP

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Here are two recent articles that appear on the ZDNET TechRepublic web site covering 3rdRail and Delphi for PHP. One of the articles includes an interview with Michael Swindell.

CodeGear: Extending the Borland legacy to Ruby and PHP developers
ZDNET TechRepublic
If you’re having trouble making the case for Ruby on Rails or PHP in your environment, take a look at CodeGear’s 3rdRail and Delphi for PHP. Justin James explains why he can’t wait to get his hands on evaluation copies of these products.

CodeGear: Working hard to rejuvenate its legacy
ZDNET TechRepublic
Justin James jumped at the chance to interview Michael Swindell, Vice President of Products at CodeGear. Discover what the CodeGear developers are working on.

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