Press Release: Embarcadero Ships Latest Edition of 3rdRail™ and Introduces TurboRuby IDEs

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Announcement of 3rdRail version 2.0 and Turbo Ruby powers Ruby and Ruby on Rails Development. Debut of New Licensing Provides Low Cost One-year Term Subscription.

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 20, 2008 – Embarcadero Technologies today announced it has started shipping 3rdRail 2.0, the latest release of the award winning integrated development environment (IDE) built specifically to bring high efficiency coding and visualization tools to Ruby on Rails Web 2.0 development; and introduces TurboRuby, a complete and powerful integrated IDE for Ruby scripting. Both products are being offered with new low-cost term subscription offerings, providing developers with affordable, feature-rich IDEs for Ruby and Ruby on Rails development.

3rdRail and TurboRuby are the intuitive IDEs that deliver the power you need to dramatically accelerate Ruby and Ruby on Rails development. Innovative and powerful features built from the ground up for Ruby including Ruby profiling, Dependencies View that uses a combination of syntactic and semantic analysis to provide a view of all project interdependencies; intelligent Code Completion for method completion, parameter completion, and syntax checking; Commanders that provide a quick interface to all of the power of the Ruby command line for running code generators and performing other tasks; refactoring, and numerous IDE productivity features to streamline Ruby and Rails development.

According to Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby programming language, “I am really pleased that Embarcadero supports the language I designed. It is especially impressive that 3rdRail gives consideration to everyone from beginner to expert. The new edition of TurboRuby has a very attractive feature set and I expect that both 3rdRail and TurboRuby will contribute greatly to the future of Ruby.”

For Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers, TurboRuby and 3rdRail help developers visualize and define the workflow for developing their applications. And for those developers migrating from Java, 3rdRail and TurboRuby simplify the choices needing to be made and help minimize the steps required to develop with Ruby and Rails.

Other key features and benefits of 3rdRail and TurboRuby include:

  • Intelligent Completion: Understands both Ruby and Rails semantics and conventions. Speeds development and minimizes learning curve. Applications can be written accurately, with fewer keystrokes.
  • Code Navigation: Easy to see the different parts of a program and how they interact. Allows seamless work with all resources, regardless of their relationship, location or format.
  • Commanders: Match a preferred technique to the task and leverage the power of the integrated environment within the command line and Ruby console.
  • Refactoring: Ensures developers can reorganize their application code without changing the results.
  • Optimizer: Advanced Ruby CPU Profiling, including full support for Rails projects. Based on improved/extended data collection features, which have now been contributed to the open source ruby-prof project.
  • TurboRDK: A complete, turnkey Ruby runtime environment that provides Rails 1.2 and 2.1, Ruby VM, and hundreds of Gems; supports a consistent development environment for Mac OS/X, Windows, and Linux. High-Performance Integrated Debugger: Enhanced debugger with features supporting both Ruby and Rails development.

    Availability and Pricing

3rdRail and TurboRuby are now shipping. 3rdRail 2.0 is available as a one-year term subscription including one year of upgrades and updates for $99 (USD). TurboRuby is available as a one-year term subscription including one year upgrades and updates for $49 (USD).

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