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16 Feb 2005 Stored Procedures and UDFs with JDataStore 7
Stored procedures and UDFs in JDataStore 7 allow developers to extend SQL and improve application performance.
Jens Ole Lauridsen White Paper
12 Dec 2002 eWeek 12/12/2002 - Borland JDataStore Blazes in Benchmark
An article in eWeek has highlighted the excellent cost/performance ratio of Borlands Enterprise Server and JDataStore database.
David Intersimone Article
31 May 2000 WebBench - A Tool for Exploring JDataStore Performance
WebBench is a multi-threaded application that shows how to establish concurrent connections to a transactional datastore. It demonstrates JDataStore's ability to support large amounts of data and many concurrent transactions.
JBuilder R&D Team Article
12 Oct 1999 Improving JDataStore performance.
Ways to improve the performance of applications that use JDataStore applications.
Ben Matterson FAQ
12 Oct 1999 JDataStore and disk space reuse.
A transactional DataStore will not reuse disk spce until delete transactions are committed.
Ben Matterson FAQ
12 Oct 1999 Secondary indexes
JDataStroe5 will not use indexes in two situations
Ben Matterson FAQ

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