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12 Apr 2000 Can ADO Express components be used by BCB4?
Builder 4 does not support ADO Express components.
Vincent Drake FAQ
5 Apr 2000 Creating Custom Components Part II: Properties and Button Behavior by Neal Ford
Part II delves deeper into the internal workings of components and discusses two issues: 1) How properties are defined and used, 2) How the Click behavior of buttons works.
David Intersimone Article
30 Mar 2000 Using AnsiStrings and char *
Using AnsiString with Win API
Mat Duafala FAQ
28 Mar 2000 Why is the Service Application missing from File | New in Borland C++Builder 4 Professional?
This document covers what to do if you find that Service Application is not listed on your File | New menu.
Chyna Trople FAQ
28 Mar 2000 How do I get rid of the unresolved external to SetPortA when using Socket components?
How to remove the "unresolved external: ScktCmp::SetPortA" error when setting the port at runtime.
mykle hoban FAQ
21 Mar 2000 Customizing the time/date display of the TDateTimePicker
Use Window messages to have the time/date displayed exactly as you want.
Vincent Drake FAQ
17 Mar 2000 On WindowsNT, when creating a new object (File | New...), only a 'Copy' can be created, while 'Use' and 'Inherit' are greyed out.
This occurs due to access restrictions on WindowsNT when Builder is run by a user that the compiler wasn't installed for. To give other users access to 'Use' and 'Inherit' options, perform a registry install-only for those users.
Andrew Ames FAQ
17 Mar 2000 TBatchMove - Blank FieldsWorkaround
Workaround for Blank Fields after BatchMove
Sam Patterson TI
8 Mar 2000 Using Delphi and C++Builder Results in Problems With the Borland Memory Manager
There were problems with loading the Borland memory manager in C++Builder 4.0 and Delphi 4.0 that are fixed in the 5.0 versions
7 Mar 2000 Putting MDI Children In A Dynamically Linked Library
This document discribes how and why to put MDI Children in a Package.
Kevin Scardina TI
7 Mar 2000 Creating a custom TreeView control that allows colored node text.
This document describes how to set the color and text style of individual TreeView nodes.
mykle hoban TI
28 Feb 2000 Changing Formatiing routines with system settings
How can I change System Setting within an application
Sam Patterson FAQ
28 Feb 2000 Why can't I use the streaming operators with the VCL classes Set, Variant, and Currency?
Operators for using these VCL classes with iostream objects are not automatically compiled into your code.
Vincent Drake FAQ
16 Feb 2000 How do I change the colors of lines in a TListBox or similiar controls?
Describes the use of the OnDrawItem event to customize the drawing of items in item-based controls (TListView, TListBox, TComboBox, etc.)
Vincent Drake FAQ
18 Jan 2000 Introduction to Component Building by Ray Konopka
This article describes the steps involved in creating a new VCL component and focuses on several key aspects of the VCL architecture upon which all components are built.
David Intersimone Article
13 Jan 2000 How do I create an instance TForm in a DLL?
Creating an instance of a TForm in a DLL
10 Jan 2000 How do I ensure a deep copy of an AnsiString?
How do I ensure a deep copy of an AnsiString?
Anthony Pryor FAQ
7 Jan 2000 How to use Format in C++ Builder
How to use Format in C++ Builder
Anthony Pryor FAQ
7 Jan 2000 Systutils.pas cannot find ffmt.obj
Problem encountered when altering the sysutils source code
Anthony Pryor FAQ
22 Dec 1999 How to add AutoComplete functionality to a TComboBox
A description of how to add autocomplete features, such as can be found in IE and Netscape Location boxes, to a TComboBox of your own.
mykle hoban TI

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