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8 Nov 2010 Building Amazing Applications with InterBase XE…What's New in InterBase
This presentation is designed to give developers an overview of the latest enhancements to InterBase XE. InterBase XE is a highly scalable, powerful, database built for developers to create amazingly fast, resilient business-critical applications. InterBase XE is perfect for embedding in devices and small enterprise, desktop, and workgroup solutions. It does what developers need and doesn’t get in their way.
Calvin Tang Video
28 Apr 2009 Video: a quick introduction to InterBase SMP 2009
Michael Rozlog, RAD Studio Product Manager, presents a 6 minute video to Introduce everyone to InterBase SMP 2009
David Intersimone Video
7 May 2007 BDE Merge Module for BDS 2006
The BDE Merge Module for use with MSI installers is now available for registered users of Borland Developer Studio 2006
CodeGear Updates
7 Nov 2006 BDNtv: Database development with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (Webinar replay)
Watch the replay of the webinar presented by Borland Developer Relations
John Kaster Video
3 Jun 2006 A New Generation of Database Engine
The object of TDataSet type of a new BDE, having formed the update query, should define the area of data that is to be updated...
Dmitry Seriy Contributed Article
1 Mar 2005 BDNtv: Work in progress on C++ database development support in the Delphi 2005
Watch this BDNtv episode to see the latest developments on the C++ personality for the Delphi IDE
John Kaster Video
31 Aug 2003 What product must be purchased to get the latest BDE with a deployment license?
Explains how to obtain the latest version of the BDE
Angel Martinez FAQ
18 Sep 2002 Migrating BDE Applications to dbExpress
This white paper by Bill Todd discusses the migration of BDE-based applications to dbExpress
John Kaster White Paper
25 Jul 2002 MySQL queries yeild only 10 columns.
Using DBExpress to connect to MySQL and only 10 fields appear for query result. Easy solution.
Vincent Drake FAQ
14 May 2002 The Future of the Borland Database Engine (BDE) and SQL Links
The Borland RAD Team reveals plans for future database access in Delphi and C++Builder
John Kaster Article
8 Apr 2002 Unable to locate PDOXUSRS.NET when using Novell client 4.83
Error message reported by the BDE is caused by a problem in Novell client 4.83. Resolved with a patch by Novell
Vincent Drake FAQ
30 Mar 2002 Public Beta: dbExpress MySQL 4.0 driver for Windows
You can now download a dbExpress MySQL 4.0 (Alpha) driver for Delphi and C++ Builder 6 Pro and Enterprise
John Kaster Article
19 Mar 2002 Public Beta: dbExpress Informix IDS 9.2 driver
You can now download a beta test version of the new dbExpress driver for Informix for use with Delphi 6 or C++ Builder 6 Enterprise
John Kaster Article
12 Mar 2002 Additional dbExpress driver options
John K culled a list of third-party drivers available for dbExpress from the dbExpress newsgroups, and has compiled it in this article.
John Kaster Article
14 Feb 2002 First time ever: RAD Windows Database Development Survey
Let Borland know what database development features are important to you for Delphi and C++ Builder
John Kaster Article
14 Jan 2002 String fields appear doubled to the IDE when connecting to Access tables via ODBC
A change in Access ODBC drivers is accounted for in BDE 5.1.1
Vincent Drake FAQ
23 Oct 2001 MySQL dbExpress driver source code available
The dbExpress driver source for MySQL has been checked into freeCLX
John Kaster Article
27 Apr 2001 BDE on multiprocessor machines.
Resolving problems with BDE that may be related to running on multiprocessor machine.
17 Apr 2001 WHERE clause with greater than 256 ANDs or ORs generates size of optimizer block exceeded error
This error can occur on a SELECT or UPDATE statement
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Mar 2001 How to create Data Link File with Windows 2000
Data Link Files show up in the new menu for Windows 95/98/NT but not for Windows 2000.
Quinn Wildman FAQ

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