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12 Apr 2000 Logging in with an incorrect login results in different errors with Oracle 7 and 8
The BDE is calling different login functions for Oracle 7 and 8
Quinn Wildman FAQ
12 Apr 2000 General SQL Error when connecting to MSSQL
Database Name parameter to alias appears to be incorrect.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
11 Apr 2000 Oracle 8 problems introduced in BDE 5.1.1.
Setting ROWSET SIZE to 0 resolves the issues.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
28 Feb 2000 Dropping the Primary Index
Trying to drop a Primary Index on a Access 97 table
Sam Patterson FAQ
11 Feb 2000 Access Violation when opening any Access Table
Bad DAO installation causes this problem.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
10 Feb 2000 Versions of the BDE that support MSSQL 7
Version 5.01 and later support MSSQL 7
Quinn Wildman FAQ
9 Feb 2000 How to obtain IDAPI32.LIB and IDAPI.H
You must purchase C++ Builder.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Feb 2000 Does the BDE use Client side or server side cursors for MSSQL?
The BDE uses server side cursors
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Jan 2000 Loading an ISAPI DLL with Informix results in Error.
Solution is to add Informix client to the System Path.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Jan 2000 ISAPI DLL when connecting to Informix gives sql.iem error
IUSR_computer name does not have access to registry
Quinn Wildman FAQ
19 Jan 2000 How SQL Links determines if an MSSQL table can refreshed.
Lists the query that is run.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Dec 1999 Versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10
Below are the versions of DB2 supported by BDE 5.10
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Dec 1999 Parameters to Access Long Text fields limited to 255 characters
DAO and ODBC both impose this limit.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Dec 1999 Versions of Oracle Supported
Lists versions of Oracle supported with BDE 5.10
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 Nov 1999 Garbage added to end of Memo field with ODBC connection
If ODBC driver ignored length parameter this error can occur
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Oct 1999 BDE and the Year 2000
BDE and the Year 2000
Quinn Wildman TI
14 Oct 1999 Executing Oracle functions
Functions can be executed via a Stored Proc
Quinn Wildman FAQ
14 Oct 1999 Non-blob column in table required to perform operation with Oracle
Error occurs with DBA or EXP_FULL_DATABASE roles
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 Oct 1999 How to query dates using Day-Month-Year using local SQL
Separate values with . instead of / to get Day-Month-Year
Quinn Wildman FAQ
5 Oct 1999 Programmatically Changing the IDAPI.cfg
Code and explaination on how to change the IDAPI.cfg file within your code.
Kevin Scardina FAQ

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