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12 Mar 2001 Introduction to CORBA with VisiBroker and C++Builder
An introductory paper for those familiar with C++ and C++Builder and wanting to learn about CORBA and how to create, use, and deploy CORBA systems.
Michael Sawczyn Article
9 Nov 1999 Advanced Object Management Using Inprise AppCenter
To be successful in business today requires highly reliable applications. AppCenter enables you to manage these complex applications delivering reliability your e-business customers demand.
David Intersimone Article
26 Oct 1999 Notes to CBuilder and Corba Talk
These are notes to Charlie Calvert's introductory talk to C++Builder and CORBA
Charles Calvert Article
23 Aug 1999 Inprise and Data General Team to Deliver Enterprise Solutions
Companies Announce Availability of Inprises VisiBroker
12 Aug 1998 Introduction to CORBA using C++Builder and VisiBroker
This paper shows you how to use C++Builder and VisiBroker to build distributed object applications. It will cover what CORBA is, how it works, and the steps for building a CORBA based application.
David Intersimone Article

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