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1 Jun 2001 How hard is it to get my OWL application to compile with C++Builder 5?
Describes some of the steps involved with working with the, now unsupported, OWL library.
Vincent Drake FAQ
20 Jun 2000 How to install Turbo C++ 3.0 in Windows 98 when recieving a "too many subdirectories" error.
This FAQ walks the user through installing Turbo C++ 3.0 when getting the error "Too Many Subdirectories," by creating a boot disk with the proper CD rom drivers, then installing from DOS.
Nate Lieby FAQ
30 Mar 2000 Using AnsiStrings and char *
Using AnsiString with Win API
Mat Duafala FAQ
17 Mar 2000 Display Corruption During Turbo C++ 4.5 Compile
Explains how to fix the display corruption problem with TCW45
Chyna Trople FAQ
9 Feb 2000 Why can't I print the output of the program I've written?
Printing program text output.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
19 Oct 1999 How do I avoid problems when installing Turbo C++ 4.5?
Workaround for error 69 or common installation failure .
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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