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19 Dec 2012 InterBase News December 2012
XE3 Update 1, ODBC news, iOS and Android plans
Tim DelChiaro Article
22 Oct 2010 Embarcadero InterBase News - New InterBase XE
InterBase XE delivers enterprise DBMS capabilities to speed development, reduce costs, and deploy resilient, scalable, high-performance applications on a wide range of platforms
Tim DelChiaro Article
27 Sep 2007 Multi-threaded MSSQL dbExpress Driver Usage
For multi-threaded usage of the Delphi 2007 MSSQL dbExpress driver the COM coinitialize and couninitialize should be called for all threads that use this driver.
Steven Shaughnessy Article
23 Sep 2004 BDNtv: Diamondback preview of Data Remoting
In this BDNtv episode, Jason Vokes shows the new data remoting support for heterogeneous database environments coming in Diamondback
John Kaster Video
17 Jun 2004 Why You Can't Pass a List to an InterBase SQL Param by Craig Stuntz
When writing a WHERE clause in your InterBase SQL, it would sometimes be convenient to write WHERE FOO IN (:SomeParam) and pass a list of values to SomeParam. You can't do that; here's why.
Craig Stuntz Contributed Article
19 Dec 2003 Article: Accessing DB2 Universal Database Tables with Delphi for .NET
Bob Swart shows how Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework lets you build native .NET applications that connect to IBM DB2 UDB tables, display the data in a DataGrid, and edit, apply, or undo changes in the database tables.
Bob Swart Contributed Article
26 Aug 2003 Update: DbExpress driver for IBM DBM V8 for Delphi 7 users
This patch for Delphi 7 is available to registered users
Anders Ohlsson Updates
15 Jul 2003 TIBEvents compont generates error Database name is missing
When the registered property is set to true in the IDE the error Error reading IBEvents1.Registered: Database name is missing occurs
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 Jun 2003 "Table or view does not exist" error when updating to Oracle
This FAQ describes a common error when making updates via dbExpress to Oracle
Lucas Bantner FAQ
17 Jun 2003 InterBase 7.1 DataType to ADO.NET C# Type mappings
InterBase SQL datatypes and C# Object Type mappings using the InterBase Borland Data Provider (BDP).
Aaron Ruddick TI
23 May 2003 Distributed Information Systems. From A to Z. - Part I. Introduction.
This article is a first from a set where we going to discuss several aspects of building distributed information systems using Delphi 7 and Indy.
Serge Dosyukov Contributed Article
14 May 2003 Distributed Information Systems. From A to Z. - Part IV. Using multiple TSOAPDatamodules or multiple TDataModules.
This is a 4th article from a list, it shows how to transfer multiple TSOAPDataModule into one and use multiple TDataModules instead.
Serge Dosyukov Contributed Article
26 Mar 2003 problems with dbExpress connecting to DB2. Get error: SQL0204N "tablename" is an undefined name. SQLSTATE-42704
explains how to work around the SQLSTATE-42704 error
Angel Martinez FAQ
26 Nov 2002 IBM DB2/Borland RAD portal
Expert advice on DB2 and Borland's RAD tools
Anders Ohlsson Article
30 Oct 2002 Cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode
Work around this problem with the dbExpress MSSQL driver
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 May 2002 Keep getting error: "Maximum number of DBPROCESSES already allocated".
How to increase the max number of DBPROCESSES.
Angel Martinez FAQ
28 May 2002 Oracle 9i BDE certification.
17 May 2002 Missing database login prompt.
Change from Delphi 5 to Delphi 6.
10 May 2002 Where is 2AllBooks.pdf?
Interbase documentation not included in Delphi 6
16 Apr 2002 Problem with IBClientDataSet component in Delphi 6.

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