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21 Nov 2008 White Paper: Delphi and Unicode
Learn more about the new Unicode support in Delphi 2009 and CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 in this white paper by Marco Cantù
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
30 Sep 2008 Delphi 2009 Reviewers Guide
This document describes the new and current features of Delphi 2009.
Nick Hodges Product Review
10 Sep 2008 Delphi in a Unicode World Part III: Unicodifying Your Code
This article describes what you need to do to get your code ready for Delphi 2009.
Nick Hodges Article
26 Aug 2008 Automating ER/Studio from Delphi 2009 - Getting Started by Pawel Glowacki
In his recent blog post, Pawel Glowacki, CodeGear EMEA Evangelist, shows how you can automate ER/Studio using Delphi 2009.
David Intersimone Article
21 Aug 2008 Delphi in a Unicode World Part II: New RTL Features and Classes to Support Unicode
This article will cover the new features of the Tiburon Runtime Library that will help handle Unicode strings.
Nick Hodges Article
12 Aug 2008 A Key’s Odyssey
This article follows the path of a keystroke message through the VCL. You will learn how the key processing is implemented, how the OnKey events work and what intervention points for the programmer can be found in the whole process. In addition, things like message processing are explained, and you will learn how to trace messages in the debugger from the message loop to their eventual destination.
Peter Below Contributed Article
8 Aug 2008 Delphi in a Unicode World Part I: What is Unicode, Why do you need it, and How do you work with it in Delphi?
This article discusses Unicode, how Delphi developers can benefit from using Unicode, and how Unicode will be implemented in Delphi 2009.
Nick Hodges Article
7 Jun 2008 Using the AutoCompleteExtender AJAX control in Delphi for .NET
Describes how to use the AutoCompleteExtender AJAX control to provide auto-complete textbox functionality in Delphi for .NET ASP.NET applications
David Clegg Article
6 May 2008 Enabling Client-Side Caching of Generated Content in ASP.NET
This article describes how to support client-side caching of dynamically generated content in ASP.NET and Delphi, and lists some of the lesser-known problems with ASP.NET’s HttpCachePolicy class.
Yorai Aminov Article
25 Apr 2008 Interview with Marco Cantu
David I interviews Marco Cantu on April 23, 2008. The interview is available in WMV video and MP3 audio formats. Marco talks about his Delphi 2007 Handbook and also about Delphi programming.
David Intersimone Video
2 Oct 2007 CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 – the Smart Alternative
Hallvard Vassbotn reviews CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
Nick Hodges Contributed Article
22 Aug 2007 ECO VCL.NET development with CodeGear RAD Studio
This video provides a preview of the ECOIV support being offered in CodeGear RAD Studio
David Clegg Video
29 Mar 2007 Building Delphi with Ruby
Using Ruby to automatically compile Delphi projects, resource scripts, install scripts, ...
a z Article
29 Mar 2007 New Delphi language features since Delphi 7
See many of the major new language features in Delphi released after the Delphi 7 version
Nick Hodges Article
17 Jan 2007 CodeGear - The Drive for Quality Products
Insight from CodeGear QA Manager Chris Pattinson on Testing Automation Improvements in 2006
Chris Pattinson Article
30 Nov 2006 The Two Weeks of Delphi/C++ 2006 Webinar Series - Nov 6-17 - the Replays!
The Developer Relations team presented ten live one-hour Delphi and C++ 2006 Webinars on BDNtv Nov 6-17. Each Webinar covered a different product use and development theme. If you missed them, watch the replays.
David Intersimone Article
9 Nov 2006 BDNtv: Building Quality Applications with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (webinar replay)
Watch the replay of the webinar presented by Borland Developer Relations
John Kaster Video
5 Oct 2006 How to make your Delphi applications more accessible
Tips and tricks on optimizing VCL or WinForms applications for better accessibility for people who are blind.
Marco Zehe Contributed Article
18 Aug 2006 BDNtv: Nick Hodges' Thirty Delphi Demos in Thirty Days - #4 - Basic introduction to the Delphi language
In this BDNtv episode, Nick Hodges presents a basic introduction to the Delphi programming language.
David Intersimone Video
17 Aug 2006 BDNtv: Nick Hodges' Thirty Delphi Demos in Thirty Days - #3 - Basic Delphi Application Development
In this BDNtv episode, Nick Hodges covers basic application development in Turbo Delphi.
David Intersimone Video

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