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Welcome to the EDN Chat System

Welcome to the Embarcadero Developer Network chat system help section. A great place to get started is the Chat User Guide, which has connection and user interface tips.

You are always welcome to provide feedback on the chat system or anything else about Embarcadero's Internet presence to the EDN team in the EDN developers chat room!

John Kaster
EDN Program Manager

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.


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14 May 2008 Embarcadero chat system user guide
Instructions for using, and notes about the Embarcadero chat system
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20 Nov 2007 The Embarcadero chat server
Special features of the Embarcadero chat server
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12 Mar 2007 Developer Network live broadcasts
Read this to get instructions for attending our various live chat broadcasts
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23 Jan 2007 Start earning CodeGear Developer Network Points today
Compete with your peers and see who can get the most points the fastest...
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