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17 Oct 2011 IBConsole enhancements in InterBase XE Update 3
IBConsole enhancements in InterBase XE Update 3
Sriram Balasubramanian Article
5 Oct 2009 Importing data from text files in IBConsole
Starting with version (InterBase 2009 hotfix update 3) IBConsole supports importing data from fixed format text files. This feature is not mentioned in the helpfile of IBConsole. This article gives an explanation of how to find and to use the import tool. In this article the Employee table of the Employee database is used as an example.
Gelein van de Voorde Contributed Article
4 Apr 2005 Performance Monitor creates LOG$ tables as temporary
When you disconnect from your database with IBConsole any records saved in LOG$ tables with be deleted.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
24 Feb 2005 "Unexpect output buffer value" error when fetching user list using IBConsole
A security database with many user will generate this error
Quinn Wildman FAQ
12 Jan 2005 IBConsole reports unlimited users with trial edition
The trial edition does not allow unlimited users. It allows 20 users.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
15 Nov 2002 InterBase 7 IBConsole SET TERM bug
You can't use SET TERM in the IBConsole Interactive SQL tool.
Aaron Ruddick FAQ
15 May 2002 IBConsole Error: Settings Inaccessible.
Upon launch IBConsole throws the error, "Section \Software\Borland\Interbase\IBConsole\Settings inacessible" and then exits.
Ben Matterson FAQ
16 Mar 2000 IB_WISQL, an IBConsole replacement GUI tool for 6.0 beta
The IBConsole program currently available for download is unfortunately a tool designed and developed for use with InterBase 6.0 versions that have implemented the Services API. Currently, that would exclude any Classic releases of the InterBase engine, n
Borland Staff Article

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