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22 Mar 2004 InterBase Security Best Practices
Ensure that admin.ib is not accessible to users who are not granted root access
Gabe Goldfield TI
7 Aug 2003 Codeville Chronicles 001 by J.D. Hildebrand
I read the news today, oh boy...LinuxWorld and SCO's assault on Linux
J.D. Hildebrand Contributed Article
4 Mar 2003 Known Causes of Corruption in InterBase Databases
InterBase is, in general, a very stable database server and corruption is rare. When corruption does occur, then, it is important to determine the cause of the corruption. This article describes circumstances that can cause corruption.
Craig Stuntz Contributed Article
17 Dec 2002 InterBase 7 for Linux Database File Size Limitation
12/17/02 To prevent corruption you should limit your database size to 4 GB
Quinn Wildman FAQ
8 Jan 2002 Save $100 - LinuxWorld
I got this non-personal email offer, so I'm sharing the wealth. Enjoy!
Anders Ohlsson Article
27 Nov 2000 InterBase SuperServer 6.0.1 will not start on RedHat Linux 7.0
RedHat Linux 7.0 and beta glibc GNU libraries incompatability issues
24 Jul 2000 qli error:couldnt open scratch file..
Incorrect permission settings on tmp directory.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How is Interbase accessed in a Linux program?
Connection options: API, Embedded SQL, ODBC, JDBC and Kylix soon.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 "Can't load library can't open file" starting isql in IB 5.11 on Redhat 5.0 Linux
The error is due to Redhat 5.0 not having this library.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Is there a Linux version of Delphi ?
In the near future Cylix will be available and it will run on Linux.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How do I start the InterBase 5.1 server for Linux 5.11?
InterBase 5.1 for Linux is classic and therefore has no ibmgr
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Linux shared libraries used by InterBase 5.1.1 for Linux
There are 6 shared libraries
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Where can I find information on performance tuning for Linux?
Borland Staff FAQ

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