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28 Jun 2006 Hibernate and Struts with JBuilder and MySQL - by Yuri Marx
This tutorial is a step-by-step how to use Hibernate, Struts and MySQL with JBuilder
Yuri Gomes Contributed Article
6 Jan 2006 Getting Started using Apache Derby in JBuilder - by Lori Olson
Using the Apache Derby database involves a lot of setup and configuration. In this article, you will be guided, step-by-step, through the process of installing, configuring, and finally using Derby with one of the JBuilder JDBC sample applications.
Lori Olson Contributed Article
13 Jun 2003 InterBase 7.1 DataType to InterClient 4.0 Type mappings
Datatype bindings between InterBase and Java types
Aaron Ruddick TI
11 Apr 2003 JReport for DataExpress
Using JReport to generate reports from DataExpress componets such as a QueryDataSet
Steven Shaughnessy FAQ
9 Apr 2003 Reporting for DataExpress DataSet components
Reporting solutions for DataExpress DataSet components
Steven Shaughnessy FAQ
20 Sep 2002 What is the cause of the following SQLj error: ... Error: unable to read input file ...
Resolving SQLj library misconfigurations
Christopher Moeller FAQ
20 Sep 2002 Step-by-Step Instructions for Configuring Oracle SQLj in JBuilder 7
Getting started with SQLj compilation in JBuilder 7
Christopher Moeller TI
29 Jun 2001 Why can't I use the Data Express JDBC components for connection pooling?
JDBC DataSource, ConnectionPool, and ConnectionFactory have prerequisites.
Steve Peters FAQ
25 Jun 2001 Tutorial for using the EJB Data Modeler wizard in JBuilder 5
Creates one or more entity enterprise beans from existing database tables.
Christopher Moeller TI
18 Sep 2000 JBuilder, the JDBC Explorer / Database Pilot and Database Drivers
How to set up JDBC Explorer / Database Pilot and JBuilder to use JDBC Drivers.
Josh Fletcher TI
21 Jul 2000 How do I set up JBuilder 3.5 to work with my JDBC drivers?
How to get your JDBC driver and JBuilder working together.
Aaron Ruddick FAQ
5 Apr 2000 Corel's Paradox JDBC Driver
pdxJDBC is a JDBC driver for Paradox tables that comes with Paradox 9
John McCloskey TI
16 Feb 2000 Understanding Resolvers in JBuilder by John B. Moore
The Java JDBC architecture is fundamentally a "Provider/Resolver" model. For those cases where the potential for being disconnected is likely or intentional (briefcase model for example) posting (resolving) data back to the server is not guaranteed.
David Intersimone Article
23 Dec 1999 Setting up the Oracle 8 Thin Driver in JBuilder 3
Setting up the Oracle 8 Thin Driver in JBuilder 3
John McCloskey FAQ
21 Dec 1999 JB3 Documentation addendum : Intersolv ODBC Setup
Installing Local Interbase Server : addendum
John McCloskey FAQ
4 Oct 1999 dbSwing FAQ
Questions and answers common questions about dbSwing
John McCloskey TI

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