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13 Mar 2000 Announcing the March Programming Contest
The March programming contests for CBuilder, Delphi and JBuilder have been announced. Learn about the latest ways to win prizes by sharing your expertise in game and web programming.
Charles Calvert Article
8 Mar 2000 Third Party Makes JBuilder AWT Available from Delphi
George Birbilis has made available for Delphi users a port of the JAWT (Java AWT Native Interface) of JDK1.3RC1.
Charles Calvert Article
7 Mar 2000 Java Madness: Using JBuilder Foundation Chapter 8 by Charlie Calvert
In this chapter the reader learns about for, while and do-while loops, the basics of using math operators, the JList component, and model-view architectures.
Charles Calvert Article
31 Jan 2000 calling from a .dll using Java and JNI
Basic JNI example: making a Win32 API call
Luke Dickman TI
18 Jan 2000 Deploying JBuilder Applications by Dana Kaufman
Developing Java applications with JBuilder is a breeze, but there could be hidden obstacles when actually deploying these programs to the end user. This article will cover the building and deployment of Java applications with JBuilder.
David Intersimone Article
17 Jan 2000 Java Madness: Chapter 6 -- Simple Types
In Chapter Six you learn about all eight primitive types availble in the in Java language. The chapter also contains a fairly lengthy example of working with menus.
Charles Calvert Article
10 Jan 2000 Java Madness: Using JBuilder Foundation Chapter 5 by Charlie Calvert
In this chapter the reader will see how to create classes and methods, and also get a first look at creating JBuilder applications.
Charles Calvert Article
17 Dec 1999 Leap year dates with JDK 1.2
work around for leap year dates with JDK 1.2
Luke Dickman FAQ
14 Dec 1999 Forcing Finalize() and Garbage Collection
forcing the call of Finalize() and starting the garbage collector
Luke Dickman FAQ
6 Dec 1999 Difference between User and Daemon threads
Difference between User and Daemon threads
Luke Dickman FAQ
3 Dec 1999 setting the initial focus to a particular component
SWING: setting the initial focus to a particular component
Luke Dickman FAQ
16 Nov 1999 Unblocking threads
Participants in a design clinic explore the question, "How do you unblock a thread that is waiting on IO?" By Bruce Eckel.
Bruce Eckel Article
9 Nov 1999 Smart object-management saves the day
Learn how to reduce program overhead and improve performance by controlling object creation and garbage collection by Dennis M. Sosnoski,
David Intersimone Article
8 Nov 1999 Java(TM) Language Futures
When Sun chief scientist John Gage asked a panel of technology luminaries "What's ahead for the Java language and Java technology?" he got some fascinating answers.
David Intersimone Article
5 Nov 1999 Java Portability by Design
An effective way to encapsulate the system differences by John J. Rofrano, Dr. Dobb's Journal, June 1999
David Intersimone Article

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